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Warby Parker

I’ve been needing to update my prescription for a while now. You know how you’re suppose to go in for an annual checkup well my last one was in 2011. Yea . . . I’m pretty much really late on that one. I got my eye checked but I didn’t see anything that I liked for frames. I already knew what I wanted in contacts so I was set on that. While looking around online for frames I stumbled upon Warby Parker which got rave reviews for pricing, quality, and even their unique try at home for 5 days deal. So after deliberating online on their limited selection (but a good selection especially if you like a more unique retro vintage type of look). I of course went straight to google and eventually youtube to watch videos of other people that had ordered and tried on for all of us to see

A little video intro

That pretty much decided it for me. I put in an order of 5 selections of frames. They charge 1.00 dollar to your credit card which they will refund. It’s just to confirm that your card works and have a card on file (in case the frames never get returned I guess). Anyway I’m currently waiting for my frames to arrive to give a more informative review of the website. Did I mention that everything (lens +frame) costs $95 dollars if I’m reading that right. Anyway they do mention that if there was a need for a high index lens that were would be a higher charge for the glasses, which I know I would need due to my prescription. But I think its still cheaper than what I normally pay.

This is my first venture into online glasses purchasing. Definitely not an expert but if there are many resources out there on the internet even a forum dedicated to help educate everyone on the ups and downs of ordering online.

I hear they have excellent customer service too. Well, if things go well I may be ordering.

Waiting for my try at home frames.


Repainting Furniture Part 4: Painting

Finally painting! I think this is pretty straight forward. Paint. Wait to dry. Sand. Wipe clean. Paint again. The sanding keeps the surface smooth. I mostly skipped this part but I would recommend if you get splatters and bumps on your paint. I used the mini roller and worked in small sections at a a time and painted THIN layers. That is the key. I used Behrs Apricot Blossom. I went to my Home Depot and thats the paint they carried. I got in in semi gloss, but the finish on the furniture was gloss.



Bought the mini roller from Home Depot for around 2-3 dollars? It came with a mini tray for pouring painting which took me a while to figure out.



Here I am painting the drawers. I went into the crevices with a paint brush that I had for arts stuff laying around.






As a bonus, I had a bed frame (is that what you call it) well its like a stage thing to lift your bed from the ground and so that your bed is not so low made a while back that never got painted. So I had lots of paint thus I painted. It’s too matchy matchy but I was going crazy waiting for things to dry so I kept painting things.


I painted this in the room. Which probably isn’t recommended but the the thing was so heavy and I had to move the bed myself. It was easy to do it right then and there. I just got a poster board that I had lying around and slipped it under the bed frame every time I was painting it so the roller touched the poster instead of the ground. I did however get some paint onto the flower which was easily wiped off.

Repainting Furniture Part 3: Prepping

I think all of the blogs I read touched on this. Prepping really takes the most work and so does waiting in between coats of primer and paint. I basically started off by removing all the hardware which was more time consuming than I had imagined because everything was screwed in really tightly and it wouldn’t budge. I then went over everything with a damp cloth to get rid of some dust that had been on the surface. Of course everyones favorite part, sanding comes next. Of course from here on out its a lot of repetition. Which can be good and theraputic but not if you just want to see the end product right away. At this point in time I had decided that I wanted white furniture so the prep work and primer would actually give me a pretty good idea of what the finish product would look like. So after sanding and cleaning, sanding and cleaning, and sanding and cleaning I was ready to slap some primer on.


I have Zinsser’s oil based primer because everyone seemed to say that the wait time between each coat was short so that’s what I got. I think it’s suppose to be an hour between each coat, which to be honest wasn’t what I did. It was more like 20 minutes to 45 minutes. It was easier to prolong the wait time while I was running errands around town. I did however had one piece in which I waited like ten hours before putting the next coat on cause I got tired and decided I would do it the next day. So primer and wait, primer and wait, primer and wait. I put on three thin coats with a mini roller cause I wanted a smooth finish. I did sand between coats for my smaller dresser but not for my dresser turned table. Since my furniture was pretty smooth to begin with and it wasn’t real wood I decided to forgo this process for the bigger piece (cause I was lazy) but took my time sanding beforehand and was careful with the primer application.



Crochet Happy Flower Block

Stumbled upon Annie’s Place through a link that Lionbrand Yarn shared about using their cotton yarn and fell in love with her blog. So many colors and somehow it made the granny square look like something I wanted to tackle. I’ve been crocheting for about two years now. I’m self taught and learned mainly through videos from youtube. Though I did attend one session for crocheting amigurumi at a local library while I was in college because my best friend wanted to learn. I learned that I had a knack for this.

Follow the link to her blog to see the tutorial for this:


I also discovered while on my many trips out to get yarn that Hobby Lobby has a whole line of I love this COTTON yarn. I’m substituting this for the Catania yarn that she uses in her blog. It’s easier to get my hands on and it was on sale today for $2.66. Couldn’t find a pink I liked at the store so I bough Sinfonia yarn in Coral. It’s a bit thinner than the I love this Cotton yarn but it worked. Cost me 5.99 wished I had brought that 40% off coupon.

I bought Aqua, Pistache, White, and Turquoise in the I love this Cotton yarn.

IMG_2353 IMG_2355

I didn’t do the last round around the square because a) I didn’t have another color b) didn’t want my square to be so big. I don’t know how big this square is as I do not have a ruler but I’m guessing (eyeballing this) 4inx4in.

I’m planning on covering a pillow with these squares, if I don’t like it then maybe I’ll run out and buy more yarn for a blanket.

The Crochet Crowd

I don’t know how many of my invisible readers know about the Crochet Crowd but I saw this today and it really moved me.

I’ve been pretty much picking up so many projects and buying yarn like an addict for the past few months because I wanted to try creating new things. I think that is the one thing I really learned about myself when I went to art school and decided that it wasn’t for me. I really enjoyed making art as a form of therapy but whether or not I had the creativity to continue to produce authentic original work that totally says that this is me is another story.

When I wrote a little blurb about how thinking or new creative ideas for projects was a little haqd and daunting to me my GSI said that perhaps this wasn’t something I should go into because being in the art field you are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to make and create things. I thought to myself art as a career or as a hobby? Thus my ultimate decision to move into a different field of study.

Now I’ve graduated and looking for opportunities in museums but with the downturn of the economy and cuts in funding . . . well you get the story. I’m back to the family business helping out here and there and living at home. What gets me through the days is learning how to making things. I’m thinking about things that I could do as a job and what I would like as a career.

My friends and I have jokingly come up with a make believe cafe that I sort of feel would be a good plan in the future when we all have a little bit of money and potential investors (i.e. parents, family, etc.). We all have a little bit of growing to do before jumping into a business venture. But what I realized was that the #1 important thing about a job for me is the people that I work with. People can really make or break how much you enjoy your job. I know I’ve had jobs in the past that I may not have enjoyed or lasted as long if not for the incredible people that I met and became friends with so yea . . .

Just me rambling after reading Mikey’s life before the Crochet Crowd


Repainting Furniture Part 2: Materials

I suppose I should list what it is I got for this project.


Drop cloth (plastic kind from family dollar)

Sanding block 220 grit

Sanding paper 220 grit

This thing that holds the sanding paper (IDK what it is called, but in the end the sanding block should’ve been the only thing I bought to sand cause it was easier to use)

Paint brushes

Mini rollers (I like them small, although more time consuming I paid more attention into getting a more smooth and even finish)

Hair tie (I painted my hair)

Zinsser’s Primer (the oil based one)

Paint (Behr’s Blushing Apricot)

Minwax polycrylic water based sealer

Foam brush (for the sealer)

Screw driver (to remove hardware)

Trays (for pouring the paint into)

Masking tape (which I didn’t use lol)

Gloves (if you want)Image

Repainting Furniture Part 1: Research

So in the beginning of June I suddenly got the urge to paint my furniture. Technically not mine but no one else wants it and it’s in my room. Anyway so I got to researching what it is that I would need to do it, how much it would cost, what tools, and would it be easy. Easy is the key and the tools available is also crucial. I don’t have any machinery, hand tools, and what not (was kind of hard to even find a ruler in the house). So what did I do?


So many blogs dedicated to peoples decor of their homes including awesome tips and tricks to refinishing furniture. Here are some of the blogs that I found most useful:

This blog came in handy once I figured out that my furniture wasn’t all wood

Mainly cause my piece is similar and was interested in the sealer that she used

Very informative if you have lingering questions

For getting inspired

AND My favorite blog of all

To which I kept on revisiting for paint ideas, sealer, primer, etc.

I figure I should provide you guys with pictures of what it is I painted.