Warby Parker

by yangn0209

I’ve been needing to update my prescription for a while now. You know how you’re suppose to go in for an annual checkup well my last one was in 2011. Yea . . . I’m pretty much really late on that one. I got my eye checked but I didn’t see anything that I liked for frames. I already knew what I wanted in contacts so I was set on that. While looking around online for frames I stumbled upon Warby Parker which got rave reviews for pricing, quality, and even their unique try at home for 5 days deal. So after deliberating online on their limited selection (but a good selection especially if you like a more unique retro vintage type of look). I of course went straight to google and eventually youtube to watch videos of other people that had ordered and tried on for all of us to see

A little video intro

That pretty much decided it for me. I put in an order of 5 selections of frames. They charge 1.00 dollar to your credit card which they will refund. It’s just to confirm that your card works and have a card on file (in case the frames never get returned I guess). Anyway I’m currently waiting for my frames to arrive to give a more informative review of the website. Did I mention that everything (lens +frame) costs $95 dollars if I’m reading that right. Anyway they do mention that if there was a need for a high index lens that were would be a higher charge for the glasses, which I know I would need due to my prescription. But I think its still cheaper than what I normally pay.

This is my first venture into online glasses purchasing. Definitely not an expert but if there are many resources out there on the internet even a forum dedicated to help educate everyone on the ups and downs of ordering online.

I hear they have excellent customer service too. Well, if things go well I may be ordering.

Waiting for my try at home frames.