Crochet Happy Flower Block

by yangn0209

Stumbled upon Annie’s Place through a link that Lionbrand Yarn shared about using their cotton yarn and fell in love with her blog. So many colors and somehow it made the granny square look like something I wanted to tackle. I’ve been crocheting for about two years now. I’m self taught and learned mainly through videos from youtube. Though I did attend one session for crocheting amigurumi at a local library while I was in college because my best friend wanted to learn. I learned that I had a knack for this.

Follow the link to her blog to see the tutorial for this:


I also discovered while on my many trips out to get yarn that Hobby Lobby has a whole line of I love this COTTON yarn. I’m substituting this for the Catania yarn that she uses in her blog. It’s easier to get my hands on and it was on sale today for $2.66. Couldn’t find a pink I liked at the store so I bough Sinfonia yarn in Coral. It’s a bit thinner than the I love this Cotton yarn but it worked. Cost me 5.99 wished I had brought that 40% off coupon.

I bought Aqua, Pistache, White, and Turquoise in the I love this Cotton yarn.

IMG_2353 IMG_2355

I didn’t do the last round around the square because a) I didn’t have another color b) didn’t want my square to be so big. I don’t know how big this square is as I do not have a ruler but I’m guessing (eyeballing this) 4inx4in.

I’m planning on covering a pillow with these squares, if I don’t like it then maybe I’ll run out and buy more yarn for a blanket.