Repainting Furniture Part 4: Painting

by yangn0209

Finally painting! I think this is pretty straight forward. Paint. Wait to dry. Sand. Wipe clean. Paint again. The sanding keeps the surface smooth. I mostly skipped this part but I would recommend if you get splatters and bumps on your paint. I used the mini roller and worked in small sections at a a time and painted THIN layers. That is the key. I used Behrs Apricot Blossom. I went to my Home Depot and thats the paint they carried. I got in in semi gloss, but the finish on the furniture was gloss.



Bought the mini roller from Home Depot for around 2-3 dollars? It came with a mini tray for pouring painting which took me a while to figure out.



Here I am painting the drawers. I went into the crevices with a paint brush that I had for arts stuff laying around.






As a bonus, I had a bed frame (is that what you call it) well its like a stage thing to lift your bed from the ground and so that your bed is not so low made a while back that never got painted. So I had lots of paint thus I painted. It’s too matchy matchy but I was going crazy waiting for things to dry so I kept painting things.


I painted this in the room. Which probably isn’t recommended but the the thing was so heavy and I had to move the bed myself. It was easy to do it right then and there. I just got a poster board that I had lying around and slipped it under the bed frame every time I was painting it so the roller touched the poster instead of the ground. I did however get some paint onto the flower which was easily wiped off.