Repainting Furniture Part 1: Research

by yangn0209

So in the beginning of June I suddenly got the urge to paint my furniture. Technically not mine but no one else wants it and it’s in my room. Anyway so I got to researching what it is that I would need to do it, how much it would cost, what tools, and would it be easy. Easy is the key and the tools available is also crucial. I don’t have any machinery, hand tools, and what not (was kind of hard to even find a ruler in the house). So what did I do?


So many blogs dedicated to peoples decor of their homes including awesome tips and tricks to refinishing furniture. Here are some of the blogs that I found most useful:

This blog came in handy once I figured out that my furniture wasn’t all wood

Mainly cause my piece is similar and was interested in the sealer that she used

Very informative if you have lingering questions

For getting inspired

AND My favorite blog of all

To which I kept on revisiting for paint ideas, sealer, primer, etc.

I figure I should provide you guys with pictures of what it is I painted.