Repainting Furniture Part 3: Prepping

by yangn0209

I think all of the blogs I read touched on this. Prepping really takes the most work and so does waiting in between coats of primer and paint. I basically started off by removing all the hardware which was more time consuming than I had imagined because everything was screwed in really tightly and it wouldn’t budge. I then went over everything with a damp cloth to get rid of some dust that had been on the surface. Of course everyones favorite part, sanding comes next. Of course from here on out its a lot of repetition. Which can be good and theraputic but not if you just want to see the end product right away. At this point in time I had decided that I wanted white furniture so the prep work and primer would actually give me a pretty good idea of what the finish product would look like. So after sanding and cleaning, sanding and cleaning, and sanding and cleaning I was ready to slap some primer on.


I have Zinsser’s oil based primer because everyone seemed to say that the wait time between each coat was short so that’s what I got. I think it’s suppose to be an hour between each coat, which to be honest wasn’t what I did. It was more like 20 minutes to 45 minutes. It was easier to prolong the wait time while I was running errands around town. I did however had one piece in which I waited like ten hours before putting the next coat on cause I got tired and decided I would do it the next day. So primer and wait, primer and wait, primer and wait. I put on three thin coats with a mini roller cause I wanted a smooth finish. I did sand between coats for my smaller dresser but not for my dresser turned table. Since my furniture was pretty smooth to begin with and it wasn’t real wood I decided to forgo this process for the bigger piece (cause I was lazy) but took my time sanding beforehand and was careful with the primer application.