The Crochet Crowd

by yangn0209

I don’t know how many of my invisible readers know about the Crochet Crowd but I saw this today and it really moved me.

I’ve been pretty much picking up so many projects and buying yarn like an addict for the past few months because I wanted to try creating new things. I think that is the one thing I really learned about myself when I went to art school and decided that it wasn’t for me. I really enjoyed making art as a form of therapy but whether or not I had the creativity to continue to produce authentic original work that totally says that this is me is another story.

When I wrote a little blurb about how thinking or new creative ideas for projects was a little haqd and daunting to me my GSI said that perhaps this wasn’t something I should go into because being in the art field you are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to make and create things. I thought to myself art as a career or as a hobby? Thus my ultimate decision to move into a different field of study.

Now I’ve graduated and looking for opportunities in museums but with the downturn of the economy and cuts in funding . . . well you get the story. I’m back to the family business helping out here and there and living at home. What gets me through the days is learning how to making things. I’m thinking about things that I could do as a job and what I would like as a career.

My friends and I have jokingly come up with a make believe cafe that I sort of feel would be a good plan in the future when we all have a little bit of money and potential investors (i.e. parents, family, etc.). We all have a little bit of growing to do before jumping into a business venture. But what I realized was that the #1 important thing about a job for me is the people that I work with. People can really make or break how much you enjoy your job. I know I’ve had jobs in the past that I may not have enjoyed or lasted as long if not for the incredible people that I met and became friends with so yea . . .

Just me rambling after reading Mikey’s life before the Crochet Crowd