Repainting Furniture Part 2: Materials

by yangn0209

I suppose I should list what it is I got for this project.


Drop cloth (plastic kind from family dollar)

Sanding block 220 grit

Sanding paper 220 grit

This thing that holds the sanding paper (IDK what it is called, but in the end the sanding block should’ve been the only thing I bought to sand cause it was easier to use)

Paint brushes

Mini rollers (I like them small, although more time consuming I paid more attention into getting a more smooth and even finish)

Hair tie (I painted my hair)

Zinsser’s Primer (the oil based one)

Paint (Behr’s Blushing Apricot)

Minwax polycrylic water based sealer

Foam brush (for the sealer)

Screw driver (to remove hardware)

Trays (for pouring the paint into)

Masking tape (which I didn’t use lol)

Gloves (if you want)Image